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How Missing Teeth Affect Your Smile
Dallas, TX

A middle aged man missing his tooth at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates in Dallas, TX.When we lose some of our teeth, the vacant space they leave in our mouth can affect many of our oral functions. If these missing teeth are in obvious places, they will definitely affect our smile. This is a common issue that lots of people around the world deal with, as tooth loss can happen from unforeseen situations. Understanding how our teeth play an important part in our oral and overall health, our professionals at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates help patients with missing teeth restore their smile and maintain their impressive appearance.

Common Ways People Lose Their Teeth

Missing teeth are a common problem, and they happen in many ways. People can suffer tooth loss when they are involved in accidents, injuries, or when they suffer trauma to the face. Sometimes, these injuries can cause the teeth to be broken or damaged, and they will need to be removed. Bad oral hygiene, tooth decay and cavities that are beyond repair, as well as gum disease, are other reasons why people lose teeth. Even age becomes a factor of tooth loss, because as people age, they tend to lose their teeth.

What Effect Does Missing Teeth Have On Our Smiles?

Our teeth play a key role in the way our faces are shaped. Losing teeth means our appearance would change, especially when these teeth are located in the front of our mouth. The confidence of our smile drops, because we know that there are blank spaces in our smile. Being an important tool for our first impression, it can take a serious toll on our self-esteem.

When we lose a tooth or more, our oral capabilities are reduced. Eating and chewing food as we usually do becomes a problem. You may start avoiding some meals you love, because eating them would raise some consequences. Moreover, our teeth are necessary for optimal bone health. The jawbone needs the stimulation from present tooth roots to keep its form, vigor, and mass. Loss of teeth means loss of stimulation, which eventually results in loss of bone mass.

How To Ensure That Your Smile Is Intact

With the numerous restorative dentistry options, you do not have to suffer the issues missing teeth bring to your smile and health. Our professionals use the following options to restore your smile and charm. With dental implants, you can get as many functioning teeth as you need. You get to restore your bone mass, and they last a lifetime. Other options are dental bridges for people who have good teeth beside the missing teeth, and dentures for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth. Dentures can be removable, or you can opt for the implant-supported type. The implant-supported dentures get to stay in your mouth like your natural teeth.

From all of these solutions, you will definitely find one that suits your needs. Although, it is always best to seek the opinions of our experts before you conclude on a decisive solution. You can do that by calling Dallas Oral Surgery Associates at 214-363-9946 to schedule an appropriate consultation for all the answers you need.
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How Missing Teeth Affect Your Smile - Dallas Oral Surgery
When we lose some of our teeth, the vacant space they leave in our mouth can affect many of our oral functions. Call Dallas Oral Surgery now for help!
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