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How Long Do Dental Implants Last?
Dallas, TX

Dental implant model with gums at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates in Dallas, TXNothing in life lasts forever. But with the proper personal care and maintenance from Dallas Oral Surgery, your dental implants can last as long as you need them to. As we already know, dental implants are the preferred tooth replacement option among both dentists and patients. They replicate your natural teeth more accurately than dentures and are easier to clean because they’re permanent. So while theoretically dental implants can last forever, let’s take a look at some factors that can affect that.

Dental Implants

When determining how long dental implants last, it’s important to look at the three parts that make up a common dental implant: the implant itself, the abutment, and the crown. Because the abutment and crown are exposed, they have a tendency to take the most damage and last a shorter length of time than the implant, which is embedded into the jawline and remains unexposed. So while the titanium post of the implant should last a lifetime, the crown may need to be replaced, but should last up to 25 years if properly maintained.

Your personal habits also play a big part in how long your dental implants will last. The most important thing is your oral hygiene routine. Even with dental implants, you still have to brush and floss them at least twice a day like regular teeth and visit the dentist every six months for a check up. Your overall health and lifestyle plays a role as well. Smoking and drinking will negatively affect the success of the implant, so curtail these habits if you can.

Less controllable are health issues affecting the individual receiving the dental implants. Pre-existing conditions such as cancer or those suffering from diabetes, could cause implants to fail at a higher rate than usual.

Another aspect to consider is the location of the dental implant. Implants that are placed towards the back of your mouth will work harder to chew food than ones that are located near the front. As a result, dental implants that are used more often and have more impact put on them will have a higher rate of failure.

You have to consider where to go when you have your dental implants placed. The skill and experience of the dentist plays a large role in how long they will last. The professionals at Dallas Oral Surgery will ensure that your implant is placed properly and will further evaluate your progress along the way.

Dental implant technology has come so far in the last decade or two that implant failure can rarely be attributed to the implants themselves anymore, extending the benefits of dental implants. As we’ve seen, improper care of the implants and personal health issues play a larger role in determining just how long dental implants last.

If you have additional questions about how long dental implants can last, contact the professionals at Dallas Oral Surgery. Give us a call at 214-363-9946 to discuss dental implants with the best oral surgeons in the area who can help you find the forever solution to your dental needs.
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How Long Do Dental Implants Last - Dallas Oral Surgery Associates
With the proper personal care and maintenance from Dallas Oral Surgery, your dental implants can last as long as you need them to. Call our office now!
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