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Dental Implant Procedure
Oral Surgeon Dallas

Dental implant restoration is considered the standard treatment for missing teeth through prosthetic replacement. They are artificial roots surgically placed into the jawbone and are the closest replacement to a real tooth as they can stand on their own, have remarkable stability, and don’t affect the nearby teeth. At Dallas Oral Surgery Associates, Dr. Wallace and Dr. Gannon recommend getting dental implants to improve your oral and overall health and ensure the procedure is carried out smoothly.

The Effects of Tooth Loss

While some effects of tooth loss are apparent, there are many hidden and serious consequences that, if not taken care of immediately, result in permanent damage. Effects of tooth loss include:
•  Natural teeth shift their position to accommodate for the missing tooth.
•  The jawbone is at risk of degrading or becoming weaker.
•  If jawbone recession begins, the gums start to recede as well.
•  Facial aging rapidly increases as a result of tooth loss. The face height decreases as the bone height collapses due to lost teeth.
•  Effects of tooth loss, if left untreated, lead to severe health risks and diseases, such as hypertension, stroke, and dementia.
•  Results in reduced chewing performance, leading to stomach and intestinal problems.

Dental Implants - The Procedure

The dental implant procedure is complex and divided into three sections; preparation, bone grafting, and abutment placement.


•  Dallas Oral Surgery Associates will conduct a thorough examination through x-rays, impressions, and color matching to determine the health of your jawbone and oral health condition.
•  A complete review of your medical history will also be conducted.
•  Based on how many dental implants you want and are needed, a dental implant procedure will be designed specifically according to your condition.

Bone Grafting

To receive a dental implant, your jaw should be strong enough to hold the implant and handle the pressure when you chew. If your jawbone is not strong, bone grafting is conducted.

Bone grafting involves taking bone from other parts of your jaw, hip, or chin, through artificial material, or a donor and adding it to your jaw. This enables the dental implants to anchor deep into the jaw like real teeth.

Abutment Placement

Once the implant has been placed and several months have passed, allowing the surrounding gums to heal, the abutment placement takes place. The abutment connects the implant to the crown, and a healing cap is placed on top to mask it and induce healing. After this, the dentist will place the artificial teeth. Depending on your preference and the dentist’s recommendation, you can get a permanent or removable implant.

Dental Implants vs Bridges

The two most common options for replacement teeth are dental implants or bridges.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial roots implanted into your jawbone and closely resemble a real tooth. They can last for 15 years or longer and have a high success rate, around 97%. Dental implants also don’t affect the surrounding teeth, but the process can take up to six months.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges follow a less invasive procedure in which the replacement tooth is held in place by the surrounding teeth. The surrounding teeth are filed to adjust the bridge and reduce the gap caused by the missing tooth. They lose their natural appearance with age and must be replaced every five to six years.

Among the two, dental implants are a better, more permanent, and more stable solution for missing teeth.

Dental Implant FAQ

Q: What are the types of dental implants?
A: There are two types of dental implants; endosteal (in the bone) and subperiosteal (on the bone).
Q: How much does a dental implant cost?
A: Costs can vary depending on the complexity of the procedure.

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Dental Implant Procedure • Oral Surgeon Dallas
At Dallas Oral Surgery Associates, Dr. Wallace and Dr. Gannon recommend getting dental implants to improve your oral and overall health and ensure the procedure is carried out smoothly.
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